Dripping Springs, TX – Hays County

Population 1,870 // Official Website // Schools

Dripping Springs lies about 25 miles west of Austin. This beautiful Hill Country town offers abundant wildlife, rolling hills, spectacular views, and wide open spaces. Other draws include an exceptional school system, affordable cost of living, and all within arm’s length of Austin and San Antonio.
In late fall of 1853, three families decided to leave Mississippi for Texas. It is believed that they followed the supply road for the army fort at Fredericksburg. In January 1854 they stopped at a place that is now called Wallace Mountain and decided to settle there.

Though only 30 miles west of the capital of Texas, it was still considered part of the frontier, complete with Indians. One of these settlers, John Wallace, was the nephew of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Originally Dripping Springs was the water source for early settlers to the area as well as a gathering place.

Since its incorporation in 1981, Dripping Springs has seen steady commercial development. It remains largely agricultural, however, with ranches raising everything from cattle and sheep to more exotic elk, buffalo, ostrich, and llama. Founders Park boasts a community swimming pool, picnic area, as well as play and sport fields. Nearby attractions include Hamilton Pool, Lake Travis, Westcave Preserve, Pound House Museum and LBJ Historical Park.

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