Bastrop, TX – Bastrop County

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Bastrop is an ideal community if you want that small town feel, yet still have the convenience of an easy commute to the city. Bastrop is within an hour or two drive of Austin, San Antonio and Houston. The City of Bastrop was first occupied in 1804, when a fort called Puesta del Colorado was strategically established at the crossing of the Colorado River and the Old San Antonio Road. The Baron de Bastrop obtained permission from the Spanish to found a German colony and chose this site in 1823, but failed to establish a settlement at this time. Stephen F. Austin wanted to develop the outlying areas of his original colony, and he obtained permission in 1827 to locate a “Little Colony” of 100 families here.

In 1832, the town was officially named Bastrop and platted by traditional Mexican lines, featuring a square in the center and blocks for public buildings. It is likely that the town’s current name was suggested by Stephen F. Austin to honor his longtime friend the Baron de Bastrop. Two years later, Texas legislature renamed the town Mina after a Mexican hero and martyr.

Officially incorporated under Texas law in 1837, the town’s name was changed back to Bastrop. A courthouse, general store, and hotel were built in addition to the residences. Farming and lumber fueled the local economy. A large fire destroyed many of the town’s buildings in 1862. Until dams were built in the 1930’s Bastrop was commonly inundated by floods, such as the one in 1869 when 46-foot high flood waters forced the town’s evacuation.

Today, many of Bastrop’s historic buildings have been restored. There are numerous community service opportunities and civic organizations to be a part of. The town often holds productions at the Bastrop Opera House, along with various parades and festivals year-round.

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