Austin Metro

The communities of the Austin Metro area are rich with variety and individuality. From bustling city streets to peaceful suburbs, there is a neighborhood to suit anyone’s lifestyle, all within close proximity to the city proper and its entertainment, schools, shopping and business districts.

Residents of Greater Austin, called Austinites, take great pride in their community. This is evident in the abundant and well-kept green spaces, as well as the meticulous preservation of historic neighborhoods and carefully thought-out expansion. Enjoyment is also an important and integral part of life in Austin. Besides plentiful options for both outdoor and indoor entertainment year-round, the area boasts a number of annual events, festivals, celebrations and public community activities.
Finding the community that is right for you is a big part of the home buying process. Click on the links below for more information about each of the communities in the area, including population, location, city/town website links, and school information. As always, contact our experts (link to contact page) for more detailed information on our beautiful city.

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Many communities that surround Austin can provide high quality housing at a more affordable price, as well as good schools and a reasonable commute. Here are some of the more popular ones:

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